I currently have an exclusive contract with Springbok Puzzles who will publish images of my art for their jigsaw puzzles. The first images I've created for them were the two Coca-Cola themed paintings they requested. These two are officially licensed paintings for the Coca-Cola company called "History of Coca-Cola" and "Coca-Cola Through the Decades". Both paintings will be published as 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles by Springbok. My new paintings "Mr. Curio's Magic Emporium", my new painting "Dream Garage" and my painting "Groovy Records" and "Yesterdays" as well as my painting from 1976 "Discovery Island" and others are now and will be published in the future exclusively for Springbok as 30 x 24 in. jigsaw puzzles. Springbok have been in the jigsaw puzzle business for over 50 years in the U.S. and produce the highest quality American made puzzles in the business. I'm very honored to have my art selected by such a prestigous company to be included in their catalog. There's a really neat video from Springbok's facebook page here that features my "History of Coca-Cola" puzzle being completed...In record time. Ha!